Cruciferous vegetable compound could slow osteoarthritis progression

Cruciferous vegetable's including broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, et al, have been found to be beneficial in possibly slowing osteoarthritis progression.  An article published online on August 27, 2013 in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism reports that sulforaphane, a compound released following the consumption of broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables is believed to be the component that halts the action of a molecule responsible in causing inflammation.The researchers also tested this effect on cultured human cartilage cells and bovine cartilage tissue. They found it was able to reduce the destruction of joint tissue.  Bottom line?  EAT YOUR VEGGIES!!!


The fight against CANCER

Cancer is an awful diagnosis.  Our family just went throught the pain of watching my father go through (and WIN!) his battle with bladder cancer.  Research is showing that we probably have a lot more ability to prevent cancer than we think. In fact, scientists estimate that 80 percent or more of cancers are caused by or worsened by bad choices we make in our lifestyles.  Choices such as smoking, obesity, inactivity and alcohol use may be directly related to the formation and progression of certain types of cancers.  Poor diet is especially dangerous, perhaps even worse than smoking -- up to 35 percent of cancer may be due to dietary excesses and deficiencies, especially deficiencies of essential nutrients coupled with excesses of nutrient-poor processed foods.  Such processed foods, laden with unhealthy fats, heavy in sugar and loaded with unnatural GMO's are exactly what our bodies DOESN'T need when seeking to maintain good health.  I encourage my friends, families and clients to seek out CLEAN foods...try to limit the use of anything boxed or processed.

Recenlty I consulted 2 good friends who had just finished thier initial treatments with breast cancer.  I went over a comprehensive list of ingredients to avoid and one of them burst into tears!!!  She quickly left the table for a few minutes and came back wiping her eyes...she had looked over the list and noticed many foods and drinks that she consumed religiously over the years, not knowing how harmful they were to her body.  To think she had "caused" her cancer was overwhelming for her, and rightfully so!  She vowed to take her new knowledge and practice it and share it with those she knew and loved.

Maybe it is time for you to pick up a good cookbook and learn or re-learn how to make quick and easy CLEAN meals from scratch!  It is not that hard!!! Or maybe for you it is replacing the soda with water or sparkling water? Maybe it is vowing to make one green smoothie a day?  It is really just a series of new choices that you learn to make all throughout the day.  I began this process for our family many years ago and I can not imagine going back! Good health is worth the effort! YOU can do it!


Diabetes patients can improve their condition with exercise

Professor Daniel Koenig from the German Association for Sports Medicine and Prevention has found that people with type 2 diabetes can improve their blood sugar level dramatically through regular athletic activities.  He cited a number of studies which said actively exercising four to five times a week between 45 and 60 minutes can offer a diabetic patient results comparable to taking medication.  

This is promising news as we see the rates in Diabetes climb yearly in our country.  The consumption of processed foods laden with bad fats and sugars coupled with the reduction of physical activity has created an epidemic of obesity.  Obesity and type 2 Diabetes often go hand in hand and often heart disease follows close behind.  Hopefully such news of positive results will inspire such patients to take their health into their hands and make an effort to change.  It is again all about learning a new normal.  Starting can be daunting, but once one begins it becomes a part of life that they cannot live without!

Please encourage your loved ones who are battling Diabetes to take the time to exercise along with beginning a healthy diet.  Type 2 Diabetes is reversible in many cases!  Get up and GO!!!!


Back to Reality

Here we go again!  The 2012 NFL football season has begun.  Our 12th year in the league.  After 12 moves and 5 teams, you think I would have this thing down by now!  The tension level automatically escalates in our home as my husband's performance on the field takes center stage again.  I brought our 4 kids to the home opener (Seattle game) this past Sunday.  The process of getting 4 little kids out the door is stressful in itself! My Abby, 6 yr old, had an allergic reaction to some chips she ate at the last home game so she was begging to stay home.  I told her to "be tough", packed a bag of "safe" goodies and a bottle of Benedryl and off we went.  I took the hour+ drive as a chance to remind my kids of the priviledge we have to be a part of the NFL, to live in America where people get paid to entertain others.  I reminded them and myself to use everyday as an opportunity to help others.  

I think every wife of a player would agree with me that they love/hate Sundays.  There is a constant feeling of uneasiness until the game is over- which then (based on your husband's/team's performance) either subsides or is exacerbated. I think we've all felt like throwing up before during and after many games.  That is when you remind yourself what a luxury you have to be a part of the game.  Millions of people would give anything to trade places with you.  It is a blessing, an honor and a priviledge to get to play a game for a living. It's actually crazy when you think about it.  "My husband kicks a ball for a living." Lately, I just think back to our trip to Haiti and the conditions there.  It puts it all back into perspective.  Being in the NFL gives you countless opportunities to give back, and despite the stomachaches on Sundays- it is well worth every minute of it.

This afternoon I have the priviledge to do a radio interview on "In the Market with Janet Parshal," it can be found at at 6-7pm est.  We will be talking about a great book that was just released "Men of Sunday," written by award- winning sports reporter Curtis Eichelberger.  It is a book well worth reading.  It has numerous stories from NFL coaches, players and wives on how faith guides them through this business.  Curtis wrote a chapter about NFL wives and interviewed several of us Arizona Cardinal wives last year.  I read it through last weekend and had to put it down several times because I was crying so hard.  I found it to be an eye-opening account of what goes on behind the scenes in many of our lives.  It will encourage you along your own path of faith...pick one up.

And so it goes, another year, another opportunity to put my faith into action.  To trust that we are where we need to be.  Another chance to ask for open doors to bless others.  Another season to teach my children to appreciate our blessings and use them for the good of others.  Another opportunity to feel the stress of Sundays and with the strength that derives from my faith-"be tough," right Abby?


Milk...Choose Wisely

What sounds better than an (occasional!) freshly baked (organic!) chocolate chip- cookie and a nice big glass of cold milk!? Sorry to add my 2 cents in there, but hey I've lived and learned! How about if in that glass of milk you were getting more than you bargained for?  Like antibiotic residues, cancer causing growth factors, pus or even blood?  Hey it's "Ultra-pasteurized" so it's OK right?  I think not! 

The above scenario may seem far-fetched but, unfortunately it's not!  Since 1993 unorganic dairy cows in this country have been allowed to be injected with rBGH. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) is a hormone that causes cows to produce up to 20% more milk.  This increase in milk production increases the incidience of mastitis (swelling and infected milk glands).  Industry data shows up to a 80% increase in mastitis in these cows! Hey I've nursed 4 children and have had mastitis this is NO fun for humans Or animals! OUCH! Mastitis must then be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics (80% of all US antiobiotics go to animal use) are also added to animal feed to increase growth.  We are over exposing ourselves to these anitbiotics and causing an increase in resistance to them.  Since 1993, the increase in hospital infection deaths have risen from 13,000 yr to 100,000 yr.  

RBGH injections in cows also have yet another dangerous side effect.  it stimulates the cows livers to produce increased levels of IGF-1 (ten-fold increase in the milk).  Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 is a normal growth factor, however increased levels have been linked to human cancer growth. IGF-1 is that same in cattle and humans and pasteurizing the milk actually increases it's levels in the milk.  It is HIGHLY LIKELY that IGF-1 promotes transformation of normal breat cells into breast cancers. Once the cancer has arisen, it also maintains the malignancy and increases its ability to invade and spread to distant organs.  Prenatal and infant breasts are very susceptable to such hormonal influences and may increase the risk of these children to develop breast cancers later in life.

European countries and Canada have BANNED rBGH to protect it's citizens from these above risks.  The FDA in the US has been very slow and quiet in it's dealing with the rBGH issue, despite scientific studies showing questionable data. Learn more! CLICK HERE.


1) Buy ORGANIC milk and dairy products (or those who are labelled non-RBGH)

2) Ask your supermarket for non-rBGH milk products.

3) Contact the FDA and express your concern about this milk!!! CLICK HERE!


20 Years and counting...GMO's

Ask your "average Joe" consumer shopping in the supermarket what a GMO is and you'd probably get a strange look in return.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have been a part of our food system in America for over 20 YEARS!!!! Genetic Modification involves taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an atempt to obtain a desired trait from the new combination.  Research has NOT shown GM foods to be safe. In animal studies,  they have been shown to result in pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, smaller brains, livers and testicles, damage to the liver and higher death rates. The only human studies done have shown that GMO foods survive inside the stomach of those people eating them.  No follow up studies have been done in humans. Clearly there are serious health risks involved in the consupmtion of these products. To learn more click here.   Currently the 8 GM food crops in the US are CORN, SOYBEANS, CANOLA, COTTONSEED, SUGAR BEETS, HAWAIIAN PAPAYA (most) and a small amount of ZUCCHINI and YELLOW SQUASH.

If all of the above isn't bad enough, here is more to worry about.  There is a new product about to enter the market..."Agent Orange" CORN.  Corn is being genetically modified to withstand the herbicide 2,4-D which is a major component in Agent Orange.  This herbicide is known to be toxic to the eye, thyroid, kidney, adrenals, ovaries/testes, and neurological system.  The advent of such corn is estimated to increase the use of 2,4-D herbicicde by 50X.  Just what we need right?!?!  Honestly, I'd rather pay more for corn and risk a few bugs than to ingest this garbage!  We as consumers need to demand more!!!!  What's worse is that this corn will eneter the shelves without labelling so you won't have a clue that you are even buying it!!!:( Unfortunately, the United States is the ONLY country who doesn't label or outright ban GMO's in their food supply.  I find this ridiculous.  We deserve better America!!! Want to learn more? Click here.



Resveratrol and Curcumin Important Therapy possibilities

Here's to another compelling article by one of my favorite Doctors, Dr. Mercola.  Promising results are being found in using both Resveratrol (found in red grapes skins, red, wine and various fruits/veggies) and Curcumin (major component of Turmeric). Again it is difficult, if not near impossible, for one to self treat with either of these due to issues of absorption and reaching theraputic levels. They have found that in many cancers in conjunction with chemotherapy treatment to make the cancer more sensitive to the treatment (increase chemosensitivity).  They also seem in and of themselves to have a detrimental effect on cancer growth. Again another reason for cancer patients to be focused on diet modification at all points of any chosen therapy.  Increase the amount of clean, raw fruits and veggies as a potentially poweful adjunt to traditional therapies. There even have been people who have had success in treating certain cancers in early stages with diet modification alone. Of course, I would recommend examining all options and discussing them thoroughly with your doctor before proceeding.  Those of us trying to prevent cancer can focus on adding these and other naturally occuring beneficial elements into our diets.

What I have done for my family is focus on a diet heavy in clean (Organic when possible, non-GMO) fruits and veggies.  I also use a good quality organic Turmeric when I cook.  I have a "Super Spice" powder mentioned by Dr. Oz on a cancer prevention episode.  It includes Turmeric, Garlic salt and Black Pepper.  I sprinkle it on cauliflower (or any mix of veggies) with a drizzle of Olive Oil prior to baking 30-35 min at 350.  I have used it on whole chicken as well.  It adds a nice color and a nice rich flavor to the foods you use it on.  Give it a try and keep it handy to add liberally into different foods you prepare.
Here's a link to the article to read more for yourself-




Safe Sunscreen and getting the sun you NEED!


It's important to understand that the risk of skin cancer from the sun comes only from excessive exposure. Meanwhile, countless people have an increased risk of cancer because their vitamin D levels are too low from lack of sun exposure. Low levels of vitamin D have been traced to a number of different cancers, in fact 16 types to date. We have to teach our kids to NOT fear the sun!!!!  What we need to fear is overexposure (sunburns are never healthy) AND suncreens (nearly 1/2 of the 500 most popular suncreens) that may actually INCREASE the speed of which skin cancers grow and spread!!! These suncreeens contain vitamin A and derivatives of it such as retinol and retinyl palmitate which are known to be dangerous for cancer growth. Another component (amongst many others) to avoid is oxybenzone which will enter the bloodstream when applied on the skin and is known to disrupt hormones.
Experts in the field agree that sunlight is THE BEST possible way to get the vitman D your body NEEDS! What you should aim for is 10-20 minutes daily with NO sunscreen on a large surface area of your body. The time range depends on the tone of your skin- if you see your skin starting to trun pink, it's time to get back inside. If you need a reminder why you need vitamin D- check out my article on it! Or do your own search here to learn more.  You need UVB rays to accomplish the body's task of producing vit D.  UVA rays are the rays to try and avoid that cause the burning and damage. Ironically, most sunscreeens on the market block the UVB's and allow the UVA's through as well as being loaded with harmful chemicals.   
The Environmental Working Group (EWG)-( I LOVE THIS GROUP) has taken on the task of listing the most popular sunscreens on the market and what is in them.  This is a GREAT way to find a safe sunscreen for your family!!!    Search here-



The Organic Watergate | Synthetics Found in Organic Foods

Speaks of avoiding carrageenan- causes gut inflammation.

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