Get Away!

This being my first post in the relationship section, I'd better make it good right?!  Well, just got back from a one night (too short!) get away in Scottsdale with my husband Jay.  I can't tell you how important that little break is...even just 24 hours! A chance to regroup, refocus, remember what life was like BEFORE kids (WAS there life before kids?!)

In 24 short hours, we worked out, he golfed, we had a fabulous 2 hour dinner (at Elements- HIGHLY recommend!) played cards, talked, laughed, hiked Echo Canyon (another recommend) layed by the pool and even threw in a quick visit to my friends at Hacienda (home for the disabled) on the way home.  What a priceless day!!!!  

I beg you couples out there young and old and especially those raising kids- to GET AWAY!  Find a family memeber or sitter and hit the road....don't lose eachother in the daily grind of life, jobs and kids.  Take the time to remember who you fell in love with and why you fell in love- all in 24 hours!!!!!