The fight against CANCER

Cancer is an awful diagnosis.  Our family just went throught the pain of watching my father go through (and WIN!) his battle with bladder cancer.  Research is showing that we probably have a lot more ability to prevent cancer than we think. In fact, scientists estimate that 80 percent or more of cancers are caused by or worsened by bad choices we make in our lifestyles.  Choices such as smoking, obesity, inactivity and alcohol use may be directly related to the formation and progression of certain types of cancers.  Poor diet is especially dangerous, perhaps even worse than smoking -- up to 35 percent of cancer may be due to dietary excesses and deficiencies, especially deficiencies of essential nutrients coupled with excesses of nutrient-poor processed foods.  Such processed foods, laden with unhealthy fats, heavy in sugar and loaded with unnatural GMO's are exactly what our bodies DOESN'T need when seeking to maintain good health.  I encourage my friends, families and clients to seek out CLEAN foods...try to limit the use of anything boxed or processed.

Recenlty I consulted 2 good friends who had just finished thier initial treatments with breast cancer.  I went over a comprehensive list of ingredients to avoid and one of them burst into tears!!!  She quickly left the table for a few minutes and came back wiping her eyes...she had looked over the list and noticed many foods and drinks that she consumed religiously over the years, not knowing how harmful they were to her body.  To think she had "caused" her cancer was overwhelming for her, and rightfully so!  She vowed to take her new knowledge and practice it and share it with those she knew and loved.

Maybe it is time for you to pick up a good cookbook and learn or re-learn how to make quick and easy CLEAN meals from scratch!  It is not that hard!!! Or maybe for you it is replacing the soda with water or sparkling water? Maybe it is vowing to make one green smoothie a day?  It is really just a series of new choices that you learn to make all throughout the day.  I began this process for our family many years ago and I can not imagine going back! Good health is worth the effort! YOU can do it!

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Rebecca, It's so good to see this perspective on cancer. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After surgery they found out it was chondrosarcoma,
Fear is a great motivator. Like your friend, I realized that I had been eating things that could have been contributing to the growth of this tumor. Sugar was the biggest culprit. A diet high in meat was another. I have since "cleaned up" my eating and. by God's grace, am cancer free. I love what you write and will follow you!

May 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKathie Perino

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