Safe Sunscreen and getting the sun you NEED!


It's important to understand that the risk of skin cancer from the sun comes only from excessive exposure. Meanwhile, countless people have an increased risk of cancer because their vitamin D levels are too low from lack of sun exposure. Low levels of vitamin D have been traced to a number of different cancers, in fact 16 types to date. We have to teach our kids to NOT fear the sun!!!!  What we need to fear is overexposure (sunburns are never healthy) AND suncreens (nearly 1/2 of the 500 most popular suncreens) that may actually INCREASE the speed of which skin cancers grow and spread!!! These suncreeens contain vitamin A and derivatives of it such as retinol and retinyl palmitate which are known to be dangerous for cancer growth. Another component (amongst many others) to avoid is oxybenzone which will enter the bloodstream when applied on the skin and is known to disrupt hormones.
Experts in the field agree that sunlight is THE BEST possible way to get the vitman D your body NEEDS! What you should aim for is 10-20 minutes daily with NO sunscreen on a large surface area of your body. The time range depends on the tone of your skin- if you see your skin starting to trun pink, it's time to get back inside. If you need a reminder why you need vitamin D- check out my article on it! Or do your own search here to learn more.  You need UVB rays to accomplish the body's task of producing vit D.  UVA rays are the rays to try and avoid that cause the burning and damage. Ironically, most sunscreeens on the market block the UVB's and allow the UVA's through as well as being loaded with harmful chemicals.   
The Environmental Working Group (EWG)-( I LOVE THIS GROUP) has taken on the task of listing the most popular sunscreens on the market and what is in them.  This is a GREAT way to find a safe sunscreen for your family!!!    Search here-


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    Safe Sunscreen and getting the sun you NEED! - Main -
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    Safe Sunscreen and getting the sun you NEED! - Main -
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    Safe Sunscreen and getting the sun you NEED! - Main -
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    Safe Sunscreen and getting the sun you NEED! - Main -

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