Resveratrol and Curcumin Important Therapy possibilities

Here's to another compelling article by one of my favorite Doctors, Dr. Mercola.  Promising results are being found in using both Resveratrol (found in red grapes skins, red, wine and various fruits/veggies) and Curcumin (major component of Turmeric). Again it is difficult, if not near impossible, for one to self treat with either of these due to issues of absorption and reaching theraputic levels. They have found that in many cancers in conjunction with chemotherapy treatment to make the cancer more sensitive to the treatment (increase chemosensitivity).  They also seem in and of themselves to have a detrimental effect on cancer growth. Again another reason for cancer patients to be focused on diet modification at all points of any chosen therapy.  Increase the amount of clean, raw fruits and veggies as a potentially poweful adjunt to traditional therapies. There even have been people who have had success in treating certain cancers in early stages with diet modification alone. Of course, I would recommend examining all options and discussing them thoroughly with your doctor before proceeding.  Those of us trying to prevent cancer can focus on adding these and other naturally occuring beneficial elements into our diets.

What I have done for my family is focus on a diet heavy in clean (Organic when possible, non-GMO) fruits and veggies.  I also use a good quality organic Turmeric when I cook.  I have a "Super Spice" powder mentioned by Dr. Oz on a cancer prevention episode.  It includes Turmeric, Garlic salt and Black Pepper.  I sprinkle it on cauliflower (or any mix of veggies) with a drizzle of Olive Oil prior to baking 30-35 min at 350.  I have used it on whole chicken as well.  It adds a nice color and a nice rich flavor to the foods you use it on.  Give it a try and keep it handy to add liberally into different foods you prepare.
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