20 Years and counting...GMO's

Ask your "average Joe" consumer shopping in the supermarket what a GMO is and you'd probably get a strange look in return.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have been a part of our food system in America for over 20 YEARS!!!! Genetic Modification involves taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an atempt to obtain a desired trait from the new combination.  Research has NOT shown GM foods to be safe. In animal studies,  they have been shown to result in pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, smaller brains, livers and testicles, damage to the liver and higher death rates. The only human studies done have shown that GMO foods survive inside the stomach of those people eating them.  No follow up studies have been done in humans. Clearly there are serious health risks involved in the consupmtion of these products. To learn more click here.   Currently the 8 GM food crops in the US are CORN, SOYBEANS, CANOLA, COTTONSEED, SUGAR BEETS, HAWAIIAN PAPAYA (most) and a small amount of ZUCCHINI and YELLOW SQUASH.

If all of the above isn't bad enough, here is more to worry about.  There is a new product about to enter the market..."Agent Orange" CORN.  Corn is being genetically modified to withstand the herbicide 2,4-D which is a major component in Agent Orange.  This herbicide is known to be toxic to the eye, thyroid, kidney, adrenals, ovaries/testes, and neurological system.  The advent of such corn is estimated to increase the use of 2,4-D herbicicde by 50X.  Just what we need right?!?!  Honestly, I'd rather pay more for corn and risk a few bugs than to ingest this garbage!  We as consumers need to demand more!!!!  What's worse is that this corn will eneter the shelves without labelling so you won't have a clue that you are even buying it!!!:( Unfortunately, the United States is the ONLY country who doesn't label or outright ban GMO's in their food supply.  I find this ridiculous.  We deserve better America!!! Want to learn more? Click here.


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