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Here we go again!  The 2012 NFL football season has begun.  Our 12th year in the league.  After 12 moves and 5 teams, you think I would have this thing down by now!  The tension level automatically escalates in our home as my husband's performance on the field takes center stage again.  I brought our 4 kids to the home opener (Seattle game) this past Sunday.  The process of getting 4 little kids out the door is stressful in itself! My Abby, 6 yr old, had an allergic reaction to some chips she ate at the last home game so she was begging to stay home.  I told her to "be tough", packed a bag of "safe" goodies and a bottle of Benedryl and off we went.  I took the hour+ drive as a chance to remind my kids of the priviledge we have to be a part of the NFL, to live in America where people get paid to entertain others.  I reminded them and myself to use everyday as an opportunity to help others.  

I think every wife of a player would agree with me that they love/hate Sundays.  There is a constant feeling of uneasiness until the game is over- which then (based on your husband's/team's performance) either subsides or is exacerbated. I think we've all felt like throwing up before during and after many games.  That is when you remind yourself what a luxury you have to be a part of the game.  Millions of people would give anything to trade places with you.  It is a blessing, an honor and a priviledge to get to play a game for a living. It's actually crazy when you think about it.  "My husband kicks a ball for a living." Lately, I just think back to our trip to Haiti and the conditions there.  It puts it all back into perspective.  Being in the NFL gives you countless opportunities to give back, and despite the stomachaches on Sundays- it is well worth every minute of it.

This afternoon I have the priviledge to do a radio interview on "In the Market with Janet Parshal," it can be found at at 6-7pm est.  We will be talking about a great book that was just released "Men of Sunday," written by award- winning sports reporter Curtis Eichelberger.  It is a book well worth reading.  It has numerous stories from NFL coaches, players and wives on how faith guides them through this business.  Curtis wrote a chapter about NFL wives and interviewed several of us Arizona Cardinal wives last year.  I read it through last weekend and had to put it down several times because I was crying so hard.  I found it to be an eye-opening account of what goes on behind the scenes in many of our lives.  It will encourage you along your own path of faith...pick one up.

And so it goes, another year, another opportunity to put my faith into action.  To trust that we are where we need to be.  Another chance to ask for open doors to bless others.  Another season to teach my children to appreciate our blessings and use them for the good of others.  Another opportunity to feel the stress of Sundays and with the strength that derives from my faith-"be tough," right Abby?

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