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Milk...Choose Wisely

What sounds better than an (occasional!) freshly baked (organic!) chocolate chip- cookie and a nice big glass of cold milk!? Sorry to add my 2 cents in there, but hey I've lived and learned! How about if in that glass of milk you were getting more than you bargained for?  Like antibiotic residues, cancer causing growth factors, pus or even blood?  Hey it's "Ultra-pasteurized" so it's OK right?  I think not! 

The above scenario may seem far-fetched but, unfortunately it's not!  Since 1993 unorganic dairy cows in this country have been allowed to be injected with rBGH. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) is a hormone that causes cows to produce up to 20% more milk.  This increase in milk production increases the incidience of mastitis (swelling and infected milk glands).  Industry data shows up to a 80% increase in mastitis in these cows! Hey I've nursed 4 children and have had mastitis this is NO fun for humans Or animals! OUCH! Mastitis must then be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics (80% of all US antiobiotics go to animal use) are also added to animal feed to increase growth.  We are over exposing ourselves to these anitbiotics and causing an increase in resistance to them.  Since 1993, the increase in hospital infection deaths have risen from 13,000 yr to 100,000 yr.  

RBGH injections in cows also have yet another dangerous side effect.  it stimulates the cows livers to produce increased levels of IGF-1 (ten-fold increase in the milk).  Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 is a normal growth factor, however increased levels have been linked to human cancer growth. IGF-1 is that same in cattle and humans and pasteurizing the milk actually increases it's levels in the milk.  It is HIGHLY LIKELY that IGF-1 promotes transformation of normal breat cells into breast cancers. Once the cancer has arisen, it also maintains the malignancy and increases its ability to invade and spread to distant organs.  Prenatal and infant breasts are very susceptable to such hormonal influences and may increase the risk of these children to develop breast cancers later in life.

European countries and Canada have BANNED rBGH to protect it's citizens from these above risks.  The FDA in the US has been very slow and quiet in it's dealing with the rBGH issue, despite scientific studies showing questionable data. Learn more! CLICK HERE.


1) Buy ORGANIC milk and dairy products (or those who are labelled non-RBGH)

2) Ask your supermarket for non-rBGH milk products.

3) Contact the FDA and express your concern about this milk!!! CLICK HERE!


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